The MeleCoin Project

The MeleCoin Project

MELECOIN is enormous and huge enterprise and the best way to exchange real goods and services with the highest level of safety, Starting with the The rest is good market and connecting it with the global markets. We are committed to achieving all our goals, but we can achieve this only with your support to us, as well as support from our board of directors, guidance and wisdom as well as the hard and sincere work Of our staff, Our strong alliances.


 is a blockchain technology specialist in banking, investment and e-commerce. We have gathered the best achievements of our predecessors in the field of electronic currency, which aims to solve the problems of electronic commerce, banking services and smart investments, and expand the scope to the largest possible slice in Creating a centralized and decentralized business environment to create a bridge of electronic transactions and traditional transactions, documenting the currency as an alternative source, and establishing projects linked to the blockchain.


Establishment of projects in various areas of decentralization, such as the sale of goods and the sale of services and the field of games and the field of tourism and other areas linked to the Blockchain Technology.
 Processing the means of payment systems Cash and convert it into encrypted currency.
 We offer solutions in currency conversion to services, goods and cash.

We keep pace with developments and look for appropriate solutions to create a level of balance and completion of projects where the source of financial gain for users is a platform loyalty system in our applications, e-services and attractive offers of consumer goods.


Token Name:MELECOIN Token – MELE
Token Platform:Ethereum
Token Standard:ERC20

Token Details:


Contract Address: 0x14449de7937fe1c1207006e92f89dee17bbe418a

Max token Supply: 1,000,000,000 MELE

Check MELECOIN LIVE price on Coingecko

How to buy?

MELECOIN already listed on P2PB2P crypto exchange. You can buy MELECOIN with USDT.
For more information visit there official Website.

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